Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management & Division of Safety's mission is to create and promote a safe and supportive work environment and reduce financial exposure throughout the City of Baltimore. Other responsibilities are as follows:

  • Coordinate all City risk management programs
  • Maintain information systems for claims management
  • Forecast liability exposure
  • Ensure that public and private groups have a positive service experience with City Risk Management staff
  • Initiate and develop risk management policies and procedures
  • Monitor, analyze and reassess loss experience and exposure¬†

Analyze, coordinate and manage the following:

  • Commercial insurance programs
  • Self-insurance fund
  • Administer contracts with private vendors for the worker's compensation claims and health services.
  • Assist with the adjudication of worker's compensation and job-related injury claims.
  • Conduct safety and accident prevention programs for City employees.

Driver Training Information

Property Claims Reporting