About Us

The Department of Finance is responsible for safeguarding the fiscal integrity of the City of Baltimore through the development and implementation of sound financial policies and practices.

Operating through five Bureaus (Revenue Collection, Budget and Management ResearchAccounting and Payroll ServicesPurchasesTreasury Management), the Office of Risk Management and an Administrative Section, the Department is responsible for the following major functions:

  • billing and collecting all funds owed to the City;
  • investing and managing the City's surplus cash and funds held in trust;
  • allocating available funds and monitoring City expenditures via the budget process;
  • disbursing funds for services and goods rendered to the City;
  • accounting for and reporting all funds;
  • managing the City’s debt portfolio, including policy development, issuance, and servicing;
  • advising City agencies on risk management issues and in certain cases, obtaining and monitoring insurance policies;
  • conducting City-wide safety and accident prevention programs;
  • procuring supplies, services and equipment for most City agencies; and
  • providing custom printing and graphics activity.