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How do I sign up or change my direct deposit?

Direct deposit is as good as people say it is and then some. Your money is in your account on payday. You do not have to be at work to pick up a check. (After all, we all need a vacation sometimes.) You do not have to worry about losing a check or having it stolen. Many financial institutions will give you a free checking account if you have direct deposit. To start or change direct deposit, simply log into your Workday Account. Click Pay, then select “Payment Elections” on the View/Update Elections menu. Fill out the applicable fields and submit your changes through Workday.

What's the difference between a MECU direct deposit and a MECU deduction?

A MECU deduction is a flat amount withheld from your pay that may go to a number of different MECU accounts. A MECU direct deposit is when your entire take-home pay (whatever the amount) goes to your MECU checking or savings account.

As an employee/retiree for the City of Baltimore, why do I receive a paystub? Why should I keep my paystub?

The City is required by Maryland law to give you a pay stub or ensure it is accessible through your Workday employee account.  Your paystubs are available through self-service in your Workday Account. 

My home address changed. How do I get it changed on my pay stub?

Contact your agency personnel office to update your employee record in Workday or you can update your personal information in Workday through the self-service option by going to your Profile and selecting Contact. Remember, if your address is not current, you could miss important mailings from Personnel, Employee Benefits, Retirement, or Central Payroll. 

How long should I keep my pay stubs?

It is recommended that you keep them forever or at least until five years after you retire. Employers are only required to keep payroll records on former employees for four to five years. 

The name on my pay stub does not match the name on my Social Security card. What do I do? 

That depends on which one is wrong. If the name on your pay stub is wrong, contact your agency personnel office. If the name on your Social Security card is wrong, contact the Social Security Administration. If their records are not accurate, your earnings may not be credited properly and you may end up receiving lower Social Security benefits than you are entitled to.

I just received my paycheck and it does not seem right. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to examine your pay stub carefully. Compare it to the stub for your last pay. Did a deduction change? If so, please reach out to the appropriate agency. But if you think your earnings are not right, contact your agency payroll clerk. Earnings problems can only be solved through your agency. Questions about the level or longevity movements or your leave balance should also be directed to your agency.

When did I use the sick leave conversion days that show on my pay stub?

Look at your pay stubs back to the first pay date in December. On one or more of them, you will see that the number "used" changed. If there is a problem, see your agency and your Workday leave balances.

What happens if I take a leave day that I have not earned?

If you take a leave day that you have not earned, you will not get paid for that day. It is your responsibility to check your balance (in your Workday account or with your agency payroll clerk) when you put in a request for leave. 

What is the Dept/Loc code on my pay stub?

The Department Code identifies the agency for which you work and your payroll cycle. The Location Code identifies a group of people who are on the same payroll listing; typically those who work in the same place and report to the same supervisor. Central Payroll may ask for these codes when you contact them with questions or if you submit any payroll forms.

What do the dashes next to an itemized deduction on my stub mean?

They mean that the deduction was not taken because you did not have enough money left to take it. This could be because your check was less than usual, a deduction increased, or you were receiving Worker's Compensation (Central Payroll does not take deductions from Worker's Comp payments). You must make arrangements to make up for any missed deductions. Please reach out to the appropriate agency regarding missed deductions.

I lost my last pay stub; how do I obtain a duplicate?

The Bureau of Accounting and Payroll Services offers all active employees access to Workday to view paychecks and print copies when needed. The Workday system provides self-service access to your payroll earnings 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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How do I change a voluntary deduction?

Whether starting, changing, or stopping a voluntary deduction, you must go through the appropriate vendor. 

My pay stub shows an Adjustment to Earnings - Taxable (or Non-taxable). What is this?

The amount shown could be for a single adjustment or for a combination of adjustments. These could include some pay adjustments, meal money, child support fees, student loan, bankruptcy payments, and accident leave/Workers Comp payments.

Will you send me a printout of my deductions and how much was taken out during each pay period?

Central Payroll is unable to provide that service. Your pay stub is your receipt for payments of all deductions and this is another important reason why you should retain your pay stub.

I am over 65 years old. Why do you still deduct Social Security and Medicare from my pay?

There is no age limit on paying Social Security, even if you are already collecting benefits. If you work, the City is required to collect these taxes.

The taxes changed on my pay stub, but I did not change anything. What happened?

There are many reasons, and in some cases, you did do something, you just did not know it. Every year the federal government issues new tax tables, and sometimes the State or Maryland counties change their tax rates-these changes show up on the first pay of the new year. Certain changes you make to your situation can also impact your withholdings. For example, changing your marital status will change your federal tax. Changing your home address could change your State tax if the local tax rates are different. If the amount of your pension, health care, or deferred compensation deductions change, you may see a change in your federal, State, Social Security, or Medicare deductions.

When should I file a new W-4 form?

Whenever the number of exemptions you claim changes. This could happen if you have certain life changes, for example, have a baby, get divorced, or a child leaves home. If you have questions about the number of exemptions you should claim, it is advised that you speak with a professional tax advisor/tax accountant.

I am claiming zero exemptions and I still don't have enough tax withheld. What can I do?

Speak with a tax professional on the advisement of filling out a new W-4 form. You can access an electronic copy of the form in your Workday employee account. Please log into Workday, navigate to Pay and update your Withholding elections under the View/Update Elections menu.

I need to change the amount of taxes taken out of my pay. How do I do that?

Speak with a tax professional on the advisement of filling out a new W-4 form. You can access an electronic copy of the forms in your Workday employee account. Please log into Workday, navigate to pay, and update your Withholding Elections under the View/Update Elections menu.

Can I get a duplicate W-2?

Yes. Please call Central Payroll’s main line at 410-396-3760 or visit Central Payroll (8th Floor, 401 E. Fayette Street) and submit a request for a copy of your W-2. These requests can be fulfilled within 48 hours.

How long should I keep my W-2 forms?

It is recommended that you keep them forever.  Also, W-2 forms can be seen as even more valuable than a pay stub as they report a whole year’s worth of earnings. In addition, the Social Security Administration may need your W-2 forms if there is a dispute about your records.

I've been to ERS and will retire soon. Is there anything that Central Payroll needs me to do?

If you will receive a City pension, there are two very important things to do. The first is to sign up for direct deposit of your pension, even if you already use direct deposit for your active pay. Follow the directions for the direct deposit above, noting ERS or FPR as the department code. (The Retirement System can help you with this.) We strongly recommend direct deposit for retirees because their checks are all mailed. Direct deposit is more reliable than mail delivery and is available in all 50 states. The second thing is to assess your voluntary deductions. All existing deductions will stop. You must sign up again for the ones you want to keep. (If you are in a State retirement system, see your agency coordinator for guidance.)

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