Tax Sale Exemption Program Notice

05 Department of Finance
Subtitle 18 Tax Sale Exemption Program
NOTICE: Department of Finance Taking Public Comment on Proposed Regulation

The Department of Finance is accepting public comment on proposed regulations for the Tax Sale Exemption Program. Pursuant to Baltimore City Code Article 28, Subtitle 8, the Department of Finance has established a Tax Sale Exemption Program. Effective July 1, 2021, certain homeowners became eligible to apply during a two-month period beginning February 15 of that fiscal year to have their properties withheld from the annual tax sale list. The aggregate tax and lien liability of all properties withheld from the annual tax sale list may not exceed $2 million.

The regulations define certain terms, identify the criteria and eligibility for participation in the program, explain what is covered by the exemption, describe the application process, identify required supporting documentation, describe the role of the tax sale Ombudsman in the process, describe the application review process, describe the determination of fund availability, and contain information regarding fraudulent applications and the notice schedule to tax payers regarding the Tax Sale Exemption Program.

The full text of the proposed regulations can be found online at:

Public comment period starts on March 21, 2022, and comment may be submitted:

  • online, by emailing
  • leaving a voicemail at (410) 361-9691, or
  • mailing comments to:
         City of Baltimore Bureau of Revenue Collections
         Abel Wolman Municipal Building
         200 North Holliday Street, Room #3
         Baltimore, MD 21202