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The Transfer and Recordation Section is responsible for reviewing all Deeds and other property related documents prior to a document being finalized and recorded by the Land Records Office of the Circuit Court. The section attempts to insure accuracy and completeness in all transaction and to ascertain and collect all transfer and recordation taxes due Baltimore City.

Important Tips and Information from the Transfer and Recordation Section

  • All deeds and other property related documents must be accompanied by a completed Maryland State Intake Sheet (http://www.courts.state.md.us/courtforms/circuit/intakesheet.html)
  • Tax Rates
    Baltimore City Transfer Tax Rate………………..1.5% of consideration
    State Recordation ………………………………… $ 5.00 for each $500 (or fraction thereof) of the consideration noted or for an instrument of writing securing a debt or the principal amount of the debt secured.
  • Payments for Recordation and Transfer Tax must be separate checks and made payable to: Director of Finance. All documents and payment should be mailed to:

Transfer and Recordation Section
The Municipal Building
200 Holliday Street, Room 1, Suite 1B
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

For legal references, please see:

Baltimore City Code, Art. 28, Sub Title 17, Transfer Tax
Annotated Code of Maryland, Tax-Property Article, §12-1034 (b), and Baltimore City Code, Art. 28, Sub Title 16 Recordation Tax

For information concerning State Transfer Tax and Recording Fees, please contact the Baltimore City Circuit Court, Land Records office, (410)333-3760, ext. 235

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