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Transfer Tax FAQ

What do I do if my parents are deceased and willed their house to me?
You will need to contact the State Register of Wills Department at 410-396-5034 or by visiting them at 111 N. Calvert Street, Room 311, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Do I have to record a new deed if I get married and change my last name?
No, you do not have to record a new deed. However, if you want the property location records to be accurate and reflect your married name, you should take a copy of your marriage certificate to the Property Location Unit, Room # 204, Abel Wolman Building, 200 N. Holliday Street, Baltimore MD 21202 or you may call at 410-396-3800.

How do I obtain a Lien Certificate application?
Applications for the Lien Certificates can be obtained on-line, in person at the Abel Wolman Municipal Building, Liens Office, Room 1, 200 Holliday Street, Baltimore, MD. 21202, or if you would like to submit the application the traditional way, please visit the revenue and collections page to print an application. For additional information regarding the Liens Unit and applying for a lien certificate.

Once I receive a Lien Certificate, how long is it valid?
Lien Sheets are valid for a 45 calendar days  or June 30th, whichever comes first.

How long does it take to get a Lien Certificate back?
Once you submit the Liens application, allow up to seven calendar days to receive the Lien Certificate.

Is a Lien Certificate required?
Generally, a lien sheet is required for all transfers when a name of a party-who is an owner of the real property-is being removed from the Deed.

Can documents be mailed in for processing?
Yes; however it is important to follow the following checklist and please note that all packets with incomplete, inaccurate, illegible or missing documents will be returned unprocessed. Place all documents in the following order to ensure timely processing:

Original Deed (signed and notarized)

The original Lien Certificate (photocopies will not be accepted) with a validated receipt(s) attached (only for outstanding liens that were satisfied). Please note that ALL LIENS MUST BE PAID IN FULL prior to submitting documents to the Transfer Tax Office. The only exception is if you are an owner-occupied property and settle between July1 and November 30, you are allowed to pay ½ of your current year real estate property taxes. However, December 1 through June 30 you are required to pay the entire amount.

Completed Intake Sheet: Currently the Maryland State Intake Sheet can be obtained in the transfer tax office and at www.courts.state.md.us . All copies of the intake sheet must be legible and legal size (8.5x14).
** Important Notice- Effective 7/1/2014 the Transfer Tax Office will no longer be accepting the Maryland State Intake Sheet. A new intake sheet has been specially designed for the Transfer Tax Office. Customers will be able to download and print the new intake sheet by visiting our website at www.baltimorecity.gov.

A copy of the settlement sheet, contract of sale, or a report of sale.

Submit a check(s), made payable to the Director of Finance, for the City transfer tax.

What documents are required to complete a deed transfer?
The Original Deed, Lien Certificate, Intake Sheet, a copy of the Settlement Sheet, the Contract of Sale (or a Report of Sale), and a check(s) for the Baltimore City transfer tax made payable to the Director of Finance.

Are all transfers of real property subject to the Transfer Tax?
Generally all transfers of real property are taxed. However, exceptions to the tax are provided for in the City Code and in the Maryland State Annotated Code. The application of these exceptions is complex, and it is recommended you seek professional advice from your Title Company, mortgage broker or attorney.

What is a Transfer Tax and how is it computed?

A transfer tax is a tax levied when a piece of real property is transferred from one owner to another or when a person is added to or removed from ownership of the property. There is both a City and a State transfer tax. These taxes are enacted by the City Council and the State Legislature. The tax is based on the consideration paid (consideration is the purchase price or, in some cases, the amount of a mortgage which the new owner agrees to pay) for the real property.

The City transfer tax is 1.5% multiplied by the amount of the consideration. The State transfer tax is 0.5% multiplied by the amount of the consideration. Together the total transfer tax on the property is 2% multiplied by the amount of the consideration paid for the property.

Effective July 1, 2007, owner-occupied residences may receive a partial exemption of the transfer tax upon conveyance, if the consideration of their principal residence is less than $250,000. A recently approved law allows the first $22,000 of consideration not to be subject to the transfer tax. However, the buyer must provide a statement, signed under oath by the buyer, that he/she will use the property as his/her principal residence and occupy the property for at least 7 months of the 12-month period immediately following the conveyance.

Why do I have to record a deed?
The purpose of the recordation of a Deed is to give public notice of the transfer of an interest in real property. Recordation provides the name and address of the new owner to the City's Property Location Department and to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation. It is important that these records reflect the current ownership of real property in the State of Maryland and ensures that all tax bills, assessment notices, tax sale notices etc are sent to the proper party. It is the responsibility of the new owner to make sure that your current mailing address is updated in these records.

What are the Transfer Tax Unit hours of operation?
Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

How do I contact the Baltimore City Transfer Tax Unit?
You may visit us in person at the Abel Wolman Municipal Building, Room 1, 200 Holliday Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or by calling us at 410-396-5122.

Is there a checklist I can use for Deed Processing Instructions?
Yes, click here to download the checklist.

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