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Parking Fines Listing

No Stop/Park Handicap 502.00 USD
Commercial vehicle parked in residential area under 20,000 lbs. 502.00 USD
Noncommercial over 20,000 lbs or Commercial under 20,000 Lbs 252.00 USD
Abandoned Vehicle 302.00 USD
No Stop/Park – Pimlico Area 102.00 USD
Obstructing or impeding the flow of traffic 252.00 USD
Snow Emergency Route 77.00 USD
Fire House 77.00 USD
Obstructing or Impeding movement or pedestrians 77.00 USD
Fire Lane 52.00 USD
Less than 15 feet from Fire Hydrant 77.00 USD
Residential Parking Permit Only 52.00 USD
Blocking Garage or Driveway 32.00 USD
All Parking Meter Violations 32.00 USD
Exceeding 48 hours 32.00 USD
Passenger/Truck Loading Zone 32.00 USD
Expired Tags 32.00 USD
In Taxicab Stand 32.00 USD
Less than 30 feet from intersection 32.00 USD
All other parking violations 32.00 USD
Unlawful Dumping / Waste Hauler Without Licenses 502.00 USD
No Stop / Parking Stadium Event - Camden Yard Stadium Complex 102.00 USD
In Transit Zone / Stop 77.00 USD
No Stop / Nighttime Hours 77.00 USD
No Stop / Out of Parking Meters 52.00 USD
No Stop / Stand Tow-away Zone 52.00 USD
No Stop / Stand not Tow-Away Zone 32.00 USD

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